Terror by Tina | Martin Hesselmeier

Terror by Tina

You will be asked, online, a woman calls you, her name is Tina Lage,
age: 22, currently living: New York City, ICQ: 146662458

Tina (9:50): Hi how are you
You reply (9:53): ...

Terror by Tina, deals with the effect about artificial intelligence within a chatprogram

"Terror by a Bot" was developed in WT 2001/2002 for the theme "TERROR" in the course Human Interface Design at the University for applied sciences Mannheim. Because it´s a daily event to be terrorized in the internet (e.g. with pop-ups, ip logging, automatic bookmarking) i considerd to begin the terror where nobody expects it to appear.
With a simple Instant Message Program like ICQ or AIM, With Elizatalk it´s possible to start a conversation and to speak to different chat users with constantly changing identities. But the user does not know that this identity is no human creature but a software. On the basis of Elizatalk I created a virtual person named Tina Lange. Tina pretends being a 22 year old sportstudent out of New York. Tina had been send into the ICQ Network for 3 days. All dialoges had been logged and analyzed. The anlysis is visually represented as a confrontation between the Bot, Tina, and the User, a percentage indicates how much the user had been capable to identfy Tina as an Artifical Intelligence. Inside my work you can find the most interesting dialoges in the area human vs tina. The amazing point with this is, how some of the chat users felt himself assaulted by Tina. The online version gives you the possibility to talk to Tina. As the file upload to the server was limited, Tina is coming up not as smart as in a chat software.

A BOT on the prowl for victims. This chat program with integrated artificial intelligence subversively undermines the user's communication expectations. As an interpretation of the psychological approach of Josef Weizenbaum's "Eliza Projekt", "Tina" is not in any way politically correct. Even the title of the piece conveys the terror. Despite its serious political statement, this project is still primarily a humorous work. The dialogues in the work highlight the communication behaviour of chat participants, in particular when aggression arises. This project with its systematic, designer use of understatement straddles the line between media art and design.