capacitive body I | Martin Hesselmeier

capacitive body
team: Martin Hesselmeier, Andreas Muxel

capacitive body is a modular light system that reacts to the sound of urban spaces. Each custom built module consists of a piezoelectric sensor, a high bright electroluminescent wire and a microcontroller. The sensor is used to measure the vibration of a solid body. This data is transformed to the luminance of the wire. For a first test run we installed five modules of the system at the Tschumi Pavillion in Groningen, which is situated in a public place in the centre of the city. Here we attached one module at each side of the glass shell, whose vibrations are triggered by the traffic noise of its environment. With the electroluminescent wires we built a new dynamic space inside the rigid body. In this setup we use the sensor data to trigger the on/off rhythm of each light wire. Thereby a visual feedback of the aural activity of the pavilion's environment is given to the observer of the system.



02.04. - 04.04.2010  
Lexus Hybrid Art, Moscow

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